HarFA e-journal is electronic journal where we would like to publish experimental results, which were obtained using HarFA software by HarFA users. Contributions, which are containing information about general fractal analysis, are welcomed too. Everyone who will send us contribution to our e-journal will get the full version of HarFA software. The main aim of this journal is to enable the exchange of scientific information concerning fractal analysis from different regions of scientific research and to meet scientist, which are dealing with fractal analysis applications.

  You can download the complete HarFA e-journal 2001/2006 Volume 1 here (9 545 081 bytes).
It is in Portable File Document (PDF) format. You need Adobe Acrobat reader to read this format.
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You can also download individual contributions here. They are in PDF format too.
    Oldrich Zmeskal et al.
    Fractal Analysis of Image Structures
    Full text here (68 484 bytes).

    Stefano Mancuso
    The Fractal Dimension of Grapevine Leaves as a Tool for Ampelographic Research
    Full text here (249 760 bytes).

    Maria Vesela et al.
    The Fractal Analysis Of Image Structures For Microbiologic Application
    Full text here (433 986 bytes).

    Rand Dannenberg
    Fractal Dimension Analysis of Hollow-Cone Darkfield Images
    Full text here (305 682 bytes).

    Ondrej Sedlak et al.
    The Use of Fractal Analysis for the Determination of Cell Diameter ? Model Calculation
    Full text here (91 473 bytes).

    Maria Vesela et al.
    The Use of Fractal Analysis for the Determination of Yeast Cell Diameter
    Full text here (95 928 bytes).

    George Johnson and James Croft
    Fractal Geometry of Modern Art
    Full text here (498 970 bytes).

    Constantino Balestra et al.
    The Fractal approach as a tool to understand asymptomatic Brain hyperintense MRI Signals in Divers
    Full text here (299 234 bytes).

    Catherine Morency and Robert Chapleau
    Fractal geometry for the characterisation of urban-related states: Greater Montreal Case
    Full text here (449 491 bytes).

    M. Babincova et al.
    Influence of GSM on Fractal Structure of brain tumours
    Full text here (144 446 bytes).

    Janusz Skrzat and Jerzy Walocha
    Application of Fractal Dimension in Evaluation of Cranial Suture Complexity
    Full text here (183 313 bytes).

    Antonia Dimitrakopoulou-Strauss, Ludwig G. Strauss
    Fractal Dimension Based on Box Counting: A New Parameter for the Quantification of Dynamic PET Studies
    Full text here (197 692 bytes).

    A. A. Castrejón Pita, J. R. Castrejón Pita, A. Sarmiento Galán and R. Castrejón García
    Fractality in the Nautilus Pompilius Shell
    Full text here (196 597 bytes).

    Rand Dannenberg
    Quantitative Comparison of Lineal Analysis to Box Counting Analysis of a Real Microstructure
    Full text here (714 303 bytes).

    Ion Stefan
    Evaluation of trabecular bone texture changes attributed to aging on the plain radiograph of calcaneus using fractal analysis
    Full text here (476 371 bytes).

    Janusz Skrzat and Jerzy Walocha
    Cranial Sutures as the Fractal Costlines
    Full text here (751 121 bytes).

    Peter Gerl, Carola Schönlieb and Kung Chieh Wang
    The Use of Fractal Dimension in Arts Analysis
    Full text here (506 786 bytes).

    Eduardo Tejera, Nayrim Brizuela, Jacques Rieumont, José M. Nieto-Villar
    Fractal Analysis in epigenetic differentiation of leukemic cells
    Full text here (145 653 bytes).

    Kenneth C. Cheung and Nancy M. Wells
    The Natural Environment & Human Well-Being: Insights from Fractal Composition Analysis?
    Full text here (175 144 bytes).

    L. Kubik
    Fractal Analysis of Apple Flesh Structure
    Full text here (275 405 bytes).

    P. Babinec, M. Kučera, M. Babincová:
    Global Characterization of Time Series Using Fractal Dimension of Corresponding Recurrence Plots: From Dynamical Systems to Heart Physiology
    Full text here (1 510 958 bytes).

    I. de la Haza, J. Cobo-Molinos, M. Garrido-García, J. Navas*, P. Rueda, C. Torres, A. Caruz, F.J. Esteban:
    Fractal dimension of U373 astrocytoma cells in DMEM or RPMI cultures
    Full text here (1 053 727 bytes).

    J.C. Linares, F.J. Esteban, B. Vinegla, J.A. Carreira:
    A Computational Analysis of Multi-temporal Vegetation Changes Using the Fractal Dimension Spectrum
    Full text here (205 383 bytes).

    V. Hotar and F. Novotny:
    Surface Defects Evaluation by Fractal Geometry and Statistical Analyses
    Full text here (1 451 946 bytes).